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Ten years after his mysterious disappearnce, a man claiming to be Edwin Drood returns home to reclaim his life and to seek justice against the individual who robbed him of ten years of his life. With the help of a world famous illusionist, Drood 's discovery leads to a startling and unexpected conclusion. 


IN this witty, fast paced, and wildly inventive adventure, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must travel from London in 1921 to Berlin in 1939 to stop Moriarty from changing the outcome of history. With the help of H.G. Wells, his delightful wife Jane, and two Albert Einsteins, Holmes and Watson pursue Moriarty through time.


With an expandable cast of 8M and 3F, Sherlock Holmes and the Portal of Time is easy to stage with all sorts of clever staging possibilities. Two acts. Running time is approximately 90 minutes.


Roswell 3.jpg

 Graphic courtesty of Derek Olson, Belle Fourche Area Community Theater.

AFTER an unidentified flying object crashes onto a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, ranch owner Ulysses T. Boone has his hands full trying to deal with the press, government agents, his own family, and Jake, a mysterious ranch hand who has been living on the ranch for the past ten years. It turns out this is not the first time T. Boone has had a close encounter. In fact, Jake is a space aline waiting for a ride home. Aided by a nosy science fiction writer, agents from area 51 are about to discover T. Boone's secret. With only minutes to spare, everything hinges on a third-rate film company making a cheesy science film to create a diversion.


5M, 8W, 7 flexible. Extras. Ext. set. Approx 90 minutes. 

New Holmes.jpg

Graphic from Rover Dramawerks, Plano, TX

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