A bold and brash re-imagining of Shakespeare's classic. In this fantasy, a student actress dares to imagine a different fate for the star-crossed lovers. In this version Romeo and Juliet don't die, and Juliet's jilted suitor Paris is the villain. The familiar mixed with new characters and events and contemporary language make for a daring and exciting production. 


10M, 9F, plus extras. Two acts -- approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

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Not long after the passing of his father, a son discovers a box of unpublished manuscripts that reveal his father never got over a lost love and wanted a different life from the one he had. 


SCHOOLED - 1M, 1F - Ten minutes


That hooker Brad has just hired for evening, turns out she used be his fourth grade teacher. 


SEVERANCE - 2M - Twenty minutes


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       Three by Chance

         Three Short Plays About Chance Encounters

Whether done individually or as a program, these three chance encouters are thought provoking and entertaining.