Love art in youself, not yourself in art.

Konstantin Stanislavski


After a rewarding career teaching high school language arts and drama, I am now retired. I was born in London, England and later moved to the U.S. I am a graduate of Central State University--now The University of Central Oklahoma--where I majored in Speech, Drama, Journalism, and Education.


Looking back, I realize how much my experiences at Central State have informed my work as a writer. 


After graduating university, I began teaching high school in Oklahoma and then moved on to California and Alaska. I wrote my first play for a group of students. As a writer, actor, and director, I have done over 125 plays.


To date I have written twenty-four plays. I wish I could say playwrighting comes easily for me, but it doesn't. Some writers crank out plays as if they're making sausage. Not me. I am terribly undisciplined as a writer, writing only when the mood strikes. Sometimes a play comes quickly, other times one may take weeks, months, or a year to write. One hears stories of writers who establish a daily writing routine. I admire that, but it doesn't work for me. Still I manage to write a couple of plays a year. 


If you have stories and experiences about my plays, please share.


Break a leg!